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sailor-cosmos sent:

*Watches him proceed with the finger licking.*

*Wouldn’t want to miss any of the wine that got spilled*


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That’s what my legacy looks like

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Dear SMRPers, would anyone be willing to make a couple banners for us? One to fit our current theme to replace that image with all the Senshi and one that we can use for promo?

Contact me if you’re willing to help out.

Thank you in advance.

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That’s it. I wish for a spin-off musical based on BMC origins.

Where do I sign.

Anonymous sent:

So in the new musical is the reason Saphir goes crazy is because he wants to overthrow Demando and become the King himself? Was he plotting treason against him and the family the whole time?

No I don’t think it goes that far.

Saphir only went totally mad when Demando protected Usagi from him. He said it himself: “you’re the only one I didn’t want to hurt/kill" so, he probably planned a lot of things for the future, but planned these in the shadows and thought he would remain here while Demando becomes King and all; going against his brother was not initially part of his plans.
It’s when he believes that Demando choose Serenity over the clan that he loses it.

Saphir’s role in this musical was a great idea they had, but, in my opinion, a poorly written one (because lack of time and so much characters to include, that makes sense).
It could have been so cool tho, making him go out of the shadows of his brother as the real villain, but he only ended up as a copy of manga!Demando with the exact same lines and actions.

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cosmos-hime said:

can i love on you forever?


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(Source: natallie-dormer)

King and Queen

"I’ll be the King of this planet, in your era. As for Queen at my side… who else but you."

Ok, we need to talk about this. And by ‘we’ I mean I’m going to talk all alone in my corner as usual, you know how this works.

I may not remember every version perfectly but isn’t it the first time Demando talked about being ‘King’? Well, there’s the 2001 musical where he claims to be ‘king of solitude’ after Wiseman killed everyone in the Black Moon, but that’s different.

Usually, when he explains his plans to a kidnapped Usagi, he ends saying that the Black Moon will rule the Earth of the 20th century - blablablah. In Petite étrangère instead, he says he is going to be King, and that Usagi/Serenity is going to be his Queen.
Isn’t it interesting?

In the manga, he’s obviously not thinking that far. Rubeus and Saphir keep telling Usagi she’s going to die exhausted by the black crystal’s corruption and Demando doesn’t disagree. Actually, he doesn’t care about that. He’s probably thinking he will keep her and have some fun with her until she eventually dies because of their cursed crystal. This is something he didn’t plan at all, that kidnapping, he didn’t think before he acted. manga!Demando follows his instincts and doesn’t think much about the consequences, we saw that a lot and here this is the same.

But in Petite Etrangère, this was part of his plan. He is already seeing himself as the future King of the Earth and will have Serenity as his Queen - she has no saying in this. It’s already decided and that’s why she’s here.

And as Saphir says…

I will never allow her to be the Queen of our new world!

Poor them, he must have talked about that all the time.
I can picture that very well, Demando in front of his hologram, talking about how Serenity will be his Queen, and the three others strongly disagree ('nope' 'Nii-san stop' 'won't have that') but no one says anything because 1) he’s the prince 2) he’s not listening anyway.

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